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Upcoming Events:

Date Place Directions
Sat: July 20th Jersey Shore Music Festival - Lakewood (12p -Midnight) Lakewood
Sun July 21st Kennedy Park (Asbury Park) (12 - 6) Asbury PArk
Sat July 27th Rutgers Garden Open House, Rutgers (10 - 4) N. Brunswick
Sun July 28th Kennedy Park (Asbury Park) (12 - 6) Asbury Park
Fri Aug 2nd Rutgers Farmers Market - North Brunswick (12 -5) Cooking Demo and Sales N Brunswick
Sat Aug 3rd Jamesburg Farmers Market - Jamesburg Jamesburg

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The Fantastic Thai Outdoor Take Out Restaurant - On the Go - Features
Fantastic Thai Cuisine, as a food vendor, now participates in outdoor events: fairs, festivals and farmers market etc.  at these venues we prepare delicious Thai dishes live on site on our gas stoves and charcoal grills wherever we are. Our customers are people who visit these events and stop by for a delicious treat.

The creative group at Fan Thai has implemented an online ordering system for the OnTheGo events.  Now you can  go online to our online system via you home computer / laptop or smart phone and place an order.  This order will be sent to our crew on site and your dishes will be ready in a snap for you to pick up.

So even if you don't plan to attend the event you can now enjoy Fan Thai's dishes cooked live by Chef Phensri, by ordering remotely online from your home or business then pickup your order.

How it works
Go to the OnTheGo menu option on our website:
  (1) Register (establish who you are) - enter essential info: your name, email address etc.
  (2) Pick your dishes from the online menu
  (3) Choose from the different options for the dishes - e.g: for Pad Thai choose shrimp or chicken or veggie, enter quantity etc.
  (4) Indicate when you will be picking up your dishes
  (5) Send your order -Complete your order and click the Send button
  (6) FT-OTG receives your order, confirms with you by telephone, then prepares the dishes
  (7) Once complete you will be informed by email or text message to make the pickup

Note: You must complete your order on the same device.  Example if you registered and started your order on your smart phone you must complete it on the phone.  Once the order is sent you can track if from any other device. e.g: your tablet, pc or laptop. 
Like all online ordering system you must enable cookies and javascript which is your normal browser default.

So follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook to track our whereabouts and when you are ready, order from home or work or wherever then pickup your delicious Thai treats