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Fantastic Thai Events Restaurant
A new outdoor events restaurant concept 

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4/2/2018 to:

 01 Basil Beef / Chicken / Shrimp or Veg
Famous stirfried mixed vegetable or meat with a spicy Thai basil sauce. Served w jasmine rice
**special order**

online item # 340
 16 Chicken or Beef Curry puff (2 for $5)
Pastry dough stuffed with grounded chicken or beef, onions, potatoes, curry powder, coconut milk and served with cucumber salad sauce

online item # 333
 07 Pad Thai Noodles
Famous stir fried rice noodles, with optional tofu, meat, beansprouts, egg, scallion in a tangy sauce.

online item # 341
 15 Spring Roll (Ck, Pork or Veg) w sauce(3 for $5)
Deep fried with stir fried vegetable, meat and glass noodles wraped with spring roll skin. Served with sweet chili sauce.

online item # 331
 10 Thai Fried Rice
Stir fried rice, veggies, egg, meat, with spicy basil sauce.
**special order**

online item # 342
 97 Thai Healthy Salad
A green salad w yummy lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, sliced cabbage, carrots. with optional dressings peanut sauce or sweet chilli sauce

online item # 354
 J002 Jerk Fried Rice
Thai fried rice cooked with spicy Jerk sauce and chicken
**special order**

online item # 365
 J001 Jerk Pad Thai Noodles
Pad Thai Noodles cooked with spicy sauces & Jerk chicken
**special order**

online item # 364
 9004 Charcoal Grilled Salmon w 3-flavor sauce
Gourmet Fresh Salmon charcoal grilled served w tri-flavor Tamarind sauce w jasmine rice

online item # 359
 08 Shrimp in Blanket (4 pieces for $7)
Deep fried pastry stuffed with jumbo shrimp & ground chicken with Thai spices Served with sweet chili sauce.

online item # 332
 S001 Steamed Crab w Yummy Thai Sauce
Fresh ocean crabs steamed and simmered with Phensri's crab sauce
**special order**

online item # 361
 S003 Steamed fish cakes (4 for $5)
Tilapia / Cod seasoned and deep fried with special seasoining served w special sauce
**special order**

online item # 363
 S002 Thai curry shrimps w Jasmine rice
Fresh shrimps stir fried in a special Thai curry sauce
**special order**

online item # 362
 05a Thai Yummy Seafood Dumplings (4 pieces for $3)
Deep fried stuffed ground pork and special seasoning wrapped with wonton skin. Served with special sauce

online item # 350
 12L Lemongrass Drink
Blended lemon grass & Kaffir lime leaves w cane sugar drink
**special order**

online item # 367
 12s Sorrel / Hibiscus Jamaican classic drink
Organic drink made from the fruit of Hibiscus flower. Only sugar added. Xmas drink in Jamaica, Called "agua de jamaica" in Mexico

online item # 360
 12m Thai Iced Tea (traditional - w condensed milk)
Refreshing Thai ice tea made from leaves grown in Thailand - traditional w milk
**special order**

online item # 347
 12 Thai Iced Tea w Lemon
Delicious Thai ice tea made from leaves grown in Thailand - prepared with lemon juice

online item # 336
 99 Water (bottled)

online item # 344
 02 BBQ Chicken Satay (Large) $5 ea
Grilled aromatic chicken marinated with Thai herbs and served with Thai peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

online item # 330
 9002 Beef Kabob Premium on-a-stick
Kabob quality beef with veggies richly marinated. Charcoal BBQd

online item # 356
 98 Thai BBQ Pork on-a-stick (moo ping)
Pork pieces marinated in Thai sauce & herbs and grilled slowly over charcoal

online item # 348
 9001 Thai-Jam Jerk Chicken on-a-stick
Authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken (marinated in special sauce) BBQ over Charcoal. Served on-a-stick

online item # 355
 9003 Yummy Charcoal grilled sweet seasoned corn
Fresh local sweet corn charcoal grilled and seasoned w special coconut sauce

online item # 358

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