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Thai Brunch Time @ Kitchen NYC Midtown Manhattan

Watch famous Chef Phensri live .. prepare your  FIVE COURSE exotic meal in an open kitchen. Each day: session 1 - fixed, session 2 - changed menus

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**** schedule coming soon
Promotional Price $85 per person. Includes Thai Iced tea. Please call for group rates

Session 1 (S1): 11 am to 1 pm 

Menu A - fixed

Famous Thai Tum Yum / Coconut Soup Most popular Thai soup with lemon grass, galanga, wild lime (kaffir) leaves and other Thai herbs and spices. 

Popular Pad Thai Noodle w meat choice* Famous stir fried rice noodles, with optional tofu, meat, beansprouts, egg, scallion in a tangy sauce. 

Delightful Thai curry w Jasmine rice Mixed vegetables, meat, Thai herbs, in coconut milk, green curry basil sauce.  e

Fried Rice Thai style Stir fried rice, veggies, egg, meat, with spicy basil sauce. 

Basil w meat choice* and jasmine rice Famous stirfried mixed vegetable or meat with a spicy Thai basil sauce. 

Thai Dessert Steamed sweet coconut sticky rice served with ripe mango. 

Session 2 (S2): 2 pm to 4 pm

Menu B - variable

#1 People's favorite

1. Shrimp in blanket / spring rolls**

2. Drunken Noodles*

3. Masaman, panag, red or green Curry *

4. Fish with Tamarind sauce

5. Dessert (sticky rice w mango, Thai custard)

# 2 Seafood

1. Shrimp Tom Yum Soup

2. Golden bags (seafood dumplins)

3. Shrimp Pad Thai Noodle

4. Fish Panang curry

5. Thai pumpkin custard

# 3 Nice mix

1.Thai little mermaids

2. Chicken salad ( Larb kai)

3. Shrimp pad Thai noodles

4. Chicken green curry

5. Sticky rice with sweet mango

# 4 Noodles delight

1. Glass noodle salad

2.Drunken noodles w meat

3. Pad Se Ew noddles

4. Pad thai noodles w meat / veggie

5. Young coconut Pudding

# 5 Gourmet

1. Grilled Steak salad

2. Fantastic Thai chicken

3. Fish w tri flavored tamarind sauce

4. Baked Thai glass noodles w shrimp

5.Baked Traditional Thai Custard

# 6 Chef's Special

1. Green Papaya Salad

2.Crispy ck w Thai fried rice

3.Fish w young pepper corn

4Thai peanut chicken

5.Thai green layer cake

# 7.veggie icon Vegetarian

1. Thai coconut soup

2.Thai stirfry mixed veggies w tofu

3. Green / red curry w veggies

4. Vegetable fried rice

5. Thai rice pudding