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Team Building with Chef Phensrichef phensri


A great way to raise company associates morale, encourage team work and enhance communications

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Fun Team Building activities that deliver results and tastes delicious - Team Building through Fun Activities
Looking for just the perfect corporate team activity -- so memorable and fun it’s a delectable recipe for successful team spirit and cooperation? You can create an experience of value in such a casual, relaxed environment, your employees won’t even know you’re building morale and breaking down barriers.

Fantastic Thai Cuisine can help you create a custom program that’s easy, efficient -- and cost-effective.


An Expert Team

Led by Thai native cuisine teacher and consultant Chef Phensri and facilitated by an experienced management consultant, Fantastic Thai Cuisine cooking sessions are fun, accessible to all skill and interest levels – and exotically delicious. Plus, you get friendly, expert support in event planning, company goals, and results measurement.

Team members prepare familiar exotic Thai dishes guided by Thai Chef Phensri


Fantastic Thai Cuisine Cooking Sessions

Each session is tailored to meet your requirements. Fantastic Thai Cuisine helps you work out every detail for meaningful, positive results.


Sessions include:

- Learning to prepare some of the most popular Thai dishes

- Hands-on cooking and/or demos, with tasks for all skill, interest, and adventure levels

- Fresh ingredients and healthy recipes and cooking techniques

- A sit-down meal of the dishes prepared (with or without alcoholic beverages)


Thai cultural flavor: teaching a few Thai words (greetings, welcome, and some terms associated with food)

Chef Phensri and her Thai assistants dressed in traditional Thai outfits. Optional: light Thai background music, certificates of achievement

Typical  agenda


Session Overview

Company Briefing

Session Briefing

Introduction to Thai culture

Into to Thai Ingredients /Cooking Techniques

Breakout - Group Preps

Cooking Sessions

Sit-down Dining

Session Wrap-up


Types of sessions:

- Large group hands-on/demo

- Small group hands-on/demo

- Reward luncheons or dinners (catered)


You can reserve one of our leased catering kitchens, corporate kitchen facilities, or reserve an appropriate facility on your own.

Cooking session:

- Teams learn to prepare some of the most popular exotic Thai dishes

- Very hands-on, everyone is engaged

- Everyone sits and enjoys the dishes prepared

Sessions are tailored to meet your requirements


You can choose from a variety of dishes, including appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes and desserts. FTC will provide sample menus as a starting point.

Everyone will be accommodated: vegetarians, those with non-spicy preferences, or with specific allergy issues

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Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine has gained popularity all over the world.  More....


About the company - Fantastic Thai Cuisine

Chef Phensri a native of Thailand is a popular cuisine consultant & cooking class teacher in New York, New Jersey Pennsylvania  More...



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- Choose class type

- Decide on Menu / Additional features / Venue

- Schedule event

Team-building document for internal review


Motivate employees
Raise morale

Improve employee relations &  productivity

Have fun!


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