Fantastic Thai Cuisine

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the average time for cooking a Thai Main Dish?
A: If all your ingredients are at hand most dishes can be cooked in less than 10 minutes
Q: How is that possible?
A: Thai dishes consist of vegetables, spices, herbs, sliced meat portions, special sauces and very little oil. A medium heated wok will cook these ingredients in a short time preserving the vitamins and nutrients in the dishes.

Q: Can I design my own class. That is request special dishes from her catalog of dishes?
A: Yes. If you want a private class or are bringing a group to the class

Q: Is there a class for chefs who want to cook Thai dishes?
A: Yes, Phensri as a very experienced Thai chef born in Thailand. She teaches chefs the secrets of making these delicious dishes in the advanced class.

Q: Can the Magic Sauce be used in non-Thai dishes?
A: Absolutely. You may use it for marinating meats and cooking. We recommend splashing a table spoon of the Magic sauce on your Steak, Pork Chops, Grilled Beef and Chicken five minutes before it is finished.

Q: Does Fantastic Thai have a full training course to teach anyone the full array of Thai foods?
A: There are many class types including full courses which will take the student through Main Dishes, Courses teaching Appetizers, Soups and Desserts including garnishing dishes in the exotic, artistic Thai style. We have also added many more classes .

Q: What is special about the Fantastic Thai Magic sauce and the Fantastic Pad Thai Sauce?
A: There is a big difference in trying to buy and use the many different ingredients in your cooking and using our sauces. The sauces go through a very precise blending and equalization process before it is ready for use. Additionally it provides the great convenience of the all-in-one ingredients in a bottle.

Q: What if my dish does not taste as it did in the cooking class?
A: Call Phensri 732-277-5902 or email her at Skype her. she will help to correct your dish.

Q: Where do people who have attended the cooking classes come from?
A: All over the world - All of New Jersey, New York and New York City, Pennsylvania. Europe - the UK, Ukraine, Detroit - Michigan, Florida, Vermont, Massachusetts, Arkansas, Cayman Islands, Bermuda.

Q: Where will I get ingredients after I leave the class?
A: Directly from Chef Phensri's online store where she stocks everything except basic meats & veggies and ships right away. Best option is to to buy her Fantastic Thai branded all-in-one sauces to ensure you get the authentic Thai flavor without hassles.  Otherwise most ingredients can be found a Asian groceries and supermarkets.

Q: Can kids attend classes?
A: Yes we have taught girls and boys from nine years old and upwards

Q: I have special dietary requirements and food preferences can I learn at your classes?
A: Yes. Phensri is delighted to accommodate vegetarians, vegans, kosher, halal, non gluten and other special requirements.  Be sure to mention that when requesting a class