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About Fantastic Thai Cuisine

Chef Phensri email  or call 732-277-5902

Phensri (pronounced PENSI) is a Thai cuisine consultant, a restaurant owner and chef in central New Jersey.  She was born and grew up in Udon thani, Thailand. She started cooking at home at an early age and learned all the techniques of preparing authentic Thai dishes.

She migrated to America and put her skills into practice establishing a classy restaurant here and has a faithful following in the New Jersey / New York area. In her restaurant she does not compromise on the quality and care which goes into every dish.

Thai Cuisine Consultant

Phensri provides consulting support for anyone wanting to establish a restaurant serving Thai dishes or wanting to add the Thai cuisine to their menu.

She has provided consulting services in the setup of Thai restaurants in the Bronx, New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania

Teacher Cooking Classes
In her Thai cooking classes Phensri has taught over 1600 students of all ages (including Chefs, Teenagers, Foodies, anyone who just wants to cook their own).  She teaches in Community Schools ( South Brunswick, East Brunswick, Monroe, Hudson Community College, Middlesex Community College, Princeton Adult School and more)
She has also taught classes as a Thai Entertainment Chef with SHOPRITE.

She teaches in her facility in Presidential Estates, NJ, Jamesburg, New Hope - Pennsylvania, New York City (uptown, midtown, downtown)

Her classes are designed:-

Phensri conducts all cooking classes and will be available afterwards to answer all questions from class participants.

Darien Francis, Business Manager (her husband)

Management consultant in the New York / New Jersey Metro area is part of her support tem


For homes and small events

 Fantastic Thai Sauces

Phensri has developed her own branded all-in-one sauces.

Her Home Organic Garden

Phensri uses a lot of the herbs, spices veggies etc. from her garden in her cooking classes and the production of her branded products


Phensri provides her branded all-one sauces to several popular restaurants in New Jersey & New York City