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Class 1b Other Main Dishes other> 1a 2 Veggie

tum yumWhereas the 1a class has a fixed menu of main dishes and delicious Thai soup, the 1b class has a more flexible menu wheere dishes may chosen from the 80 plus dishes in Chef Phensri's catalog of dishes. All classes are hands-on.  You will cook.
Phensri guides you through the entire process. 



Pad See Ew Drunken / Spicy Noodles
Yellow Curry
Tamarind Dishes (fish etc.)
Stir Fry Glass Noodles Ginger Dishes
 Cashew Dishes
Steamed Fish w Ginger
Vegetarian Dishes
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pad se eu curries glass noodles
ginger fish veggies Yellow curry
more veggies  drunken noodes  salmon 
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