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Special for New Yorkers

Exciting News

Don't have a car? How to get to our classes in New JerseyNJ busNJ Train

newClasses are held in New York too

Getting to our class using public transportation:

NJ BusBUS: Take the New Jersey Transit (NJT) Bus #139 from PORT AUTHORITY 42nd Street to US route 9 & Texas Road  OLD BRIDGETOWN SHIP . Click here for the Bus Schedule

NJ TrainTRAIN: Take the NJT Train to South Amboy - North Jersey Coast Line Click here for the Train Schedule.

Either way, we will pick you up from the stop or station not far from our class at home in Presidential Estates (Central New Jersey).
OK, so you want to get here for a here to reserve.

Classes in Manhattan
Many New Yorkers (people who live or work in New York) have asked about classes in Manhattan.
Well here goes...!
We  hold classes on a regular basis on Fridays and/or Saturday nights IN MANHATTAN !!
It is a fun class of about 15 people with the availability of Wine etc... a social occasion.
There is a break to eat a bit in the middle and finish at the end.
It is hands-on.