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Chef Phensri's - Fantastic Thai Cooking Class  ..... Quick Overview:

Phensri  Chef Phensri, from Thailand is a patient teacher, guiding you to prepare authentic Thai dishes

  • Beginning with the standard class you will be taught everything to cook restaurant quality and beyond

    • introduction to key ingredients,

    • preparation

    • presentation and garnishing

  • There are breaks to sit and eat

We take pride in making our classes 'a cut above' the regular cooking classes:

  • Unlike other classes you do not bring or pay separately for ingredients.  Your class fee is all inclusive

  • It a cooking party - gourmet style.  No short cuts.  You will eat out of fine china, use fine steel flatware and real glasses (no paper plates, plastic forks and Styrofoam cups)

  • The atmosphere is one of fun and relaxation ...but you have to respond to Phensri's brass bell :-) phensri's bell

Cooking Thai at home makes sense (easier than you think)
See why
       Unlike some cooking classes we do NOT charge extra for ingredients. we supply ingredients free

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Class locations
New Jersey (available for enrollment 7 days / week)
       New York see locations, see schedule
       Your site (classes can be held at your site - call for info)
       Community schools

Cooking Events and Schedule

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SHow more cooking classes

Hands-on classes - everyone participates with Phensri's guidance

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What happens in the class


  • Introduction to the world of Thai foods
  • Review - Thai ingredients (sauce, herbs & spices etc.) 
  • Preparation of essential sauces
  • Other pre-cooking preparation
  • Preparation of dishes
  • Presentation and serving
  • Sit and eat
  • Questions and answers (during the class)
  • Handouts
    • recipe cards
    • Your personalized Cooking Class Certificate

What you take home

  • Sample dishes prepared in the class
  • Laminated detail recipes of all dishes taught

Your personalized Cooking Class Certificate. Click image below to see larger size

Class Certificate

  • The ability to prepare these dishes over and over again

After class benefits (wow!)

Chef Phensri will be here to help you whenever you need help cooking Thai. Call, drop by, IM her or Skype her anytime!

After completing your class you will be automatically registered for the benefits below:

ONLINE STORE: Access to our full service Thai ingredients online store (just about everything you need to cook shipped to you quickly or you can drop by Phensri and pick them up.

NEWSLETTERS: Receive our regular online newsletters

STUDENT PARTIES: Get invited to our quarterly students get together where we feature another exotic cuisine and you get to socialize with others: We will have fun together and feature other cuisines

ONLINE MEMEBERS CLUB: You will automatically become a  member of the Fantastic Thai Club  community of over 1600 past students.
You get an ID and a password to login to an exclusive section of the website.

Here you get:

  • Extra recipes, more cooking tips etc.

  • Access to pictures from your class

  • Access to our private section where past students can interact actively re cooking Thai dishes

  • The Newsletter archive

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Class Schedule:

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