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Thai dishes / basic ingredients (2 views)

(A) Check what key ingredients you need for each representative Thai dish or (B) What ingredients go in each dish

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(A) Thai dishes - what ingredients to purchase

SelectTom Ka Gai (Chicken Coconut soup)
SelectTom Yum (Thai shrimp soup)
SelectChicken Satay
SelectVegetable or Chicken Spring Roll
SelectShrimp in Blanket
SelectThai Peanut Sauce
SelectThai Grilled Beef Salad
SelectPad Thai
SelectThai Fried Rice (Spicy).
SelectThai Red Curry
SelectChicken Ginger
SelectMasaman Curry
SelectMee Grob ( Crispy Noodle)
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(B) See where to use Fan Thai Ingredients

SelectChili paste (in Soybean Oil)
SelectCoconut Milk
SelectFantastic Thai Cooking Magic Sauce
SelectFantastic Thai Cooking Pad Thai Sauce
SelectFish Sauce (Squid brand)
SelectGalangal (Dry)
SelectKaffir (wild lime) leaves
SelectLemongrass Fresh (5 stalks)
SelectOyster Sauce
SelectOyster Sauce (Small Bottle - 12.4 oz)
SelectOyster Sauce (Veggie)
SelectPad Thai Noodles
SelectPalm Sugar
SelectSeasoning Sauce (Thai)
SelectSoya Sauce (Dark)
SelectSoya Sauce (Thin)
SelectTamarind Paste (7 oz pkg)
SelectThai Basil Fresh (5 oz)
SelectThai Curry Paste (tin - Maesri brand)