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Phensri's Cuisine Tips

Busy lifestyle?  Some tips for preparing tasty Thai dishes:

With a bit of prep you can have your delicious healthy Thai dishes in the evening in just 10 -15 minutes after you get home!  No excuses for ordering fast foods because you are TOO tired!

Storing ingredients
frigAs I will teach you, after buying, store meats of your choice (chicken, beef, pork, shrimp etc.)  cut them in small cooking portions, other than the shrimps, and store the pieces in individual zip lock bags in your freezer. Similarly store the other fresh ingredients like basil and Kaffir leaves in the freezer
Fresh vegetables are easily stored in the crisper in your refrigerator.

Plan your menu

Plan your dish the night before or just before you dash for work. Retrieve the laminated recipes you will get from me and assemble all the ingredients.
Remove desired meat to area in kitchen for all day thaw.  Except for shrimps which will thaw easily under running tap water.

If you are planning to make Pad Thai (place the noodles in a pot or bowl of cold water)

If you are planning to do Fried Rice make sure you have some pre-cooked white or brown rice in the frig.
Go to work
work office:DASH TO WORK (drive carefully ).

All day you will be anticipating your own home cooked meal in the evening.

Get Home
magic saucecook thaiNow you are home.  Your meats are thawed and you are ready to go. Do your chopping and cutting (5 -10mins) then start your cooking right away. Reach for your Fantastic Thai all-in-one sauce or individual stuff and you are done in another 5 to 10 minutes.

Done in 15 minutes - Enjoy
So there! - A healthy, nutritious, freshly cooked, and guaranteed tasty dish in 5 to 15 minutes!!!

No excuses.


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