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Policy - class reservations


Generally all class reservations must be paid for in advance and confirmed by both parties (Fantastic Thai and the student) in writing.  Emails will be considered  as written confirmation.

Non Coupon Classes

Full advanced payment for the class is required.  Advanced deposits towards a class is acceptable under certain circumstances.  Se below for terms.

All class reservations must be confirmed by both parties in writing.  For all non coupon reservations full payment  confirmed and received by us at least 48 hrs. before the scheduled class is required.    At that time the reservation will be confirmed by both parties. 

 If due to unforeseen circumstance's Fantastic Thai cannot hold the classes a full refund will be issued

Fantastic Thai may accept a mutually agreed on advanced deposit on the class reservation with the balance payable before or at the class.  That deposit plus written confirmation of the class locks in the reservation.  Student has to attend the class or forfeit the deposit.  Fantastic Thai must hold the class or refund the full deposit.

Under normal circumstances, if a student is unable to attend after the 48 hrs period, no refund will be made.  Fantastic Thai reserves the right to make partial or total refund only at its own discretion.

Gift Certificates;

Holders of Gift certificates must work out a schedule for their class, based on availability, with Fantastic Thai.

Reservations must be made and confirmed before the expiry date on the gift certificate. Extensions may be granted at the discretion of Fantastic Thai only in writing.

Once there is written confirmation between Fantastic Thai and the student for a specified date and time student must attend the class or forfeit the value of the gift certificate. After mutual confirmation  Fantastic Thai is obligated to hold the class for the student,  If the class is canceled or postponed Fantastic Thai will try to reschedule or issue a full refund to the purchaser if this cannot be done during the expiry period.

Living Social Coupons:

The policy is applied as in the agreement made with the purchaser of the coupon and Living Social.  Purchaser must contact Fantastic Thai to reserve space in a class based on available space.  In most instances classes will consist of non-coupon and coupon purchasers and Fantastic Thai reserves the right to offer space to coupon holders based on their own structure of the class.  Fantastic Thai is not obligated to offer seats in any one class for full  groups who intend to attend together.

As with other reservations Fantastic Thai suggests that coupon holders contact us to work out a mutually acceptable schedule for reservation and such reservation is only confirmed in writing (this includes emails).  Verbal acceptance is not binding.

Once there is written confirmation on both sides coupon holder must attend the class or forfeit the coupon once the class is held. If for any reason the class is not held Fantastic Thai will communicate such and the coupon holder will be able to reschedule.