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new pointerWe have expanded our catering services and are equipped for large events including weddings and corporate events 

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Catering Anniversary partyOur food is always freshly prepared.
Catering for all occasions. We will prepare foods exactly as you request and offer pickup or delivery options.

You will be presented with a menu with a large variety of choices and options including the degree of spiciness

Thai appetizers, entrees and desserts/soups/salads are available

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Recent Feedback

I had my most recent milestone birthday catered by Fantastic Thai Cuisine. It is so nice to be able to say that the most fun birthday I have ever attended was my own – thanks to Phensri and Darien.

They set up various grills on our outdoor patio, and cooked all food ‘live’. I had taken a few cooking courses from Fantastic Thai (which I also highly recommend), and had an idea of the menu I wanted. Beyond that, Phensri was able to accommodate my own and family/friends’ gluten-free needs, and she adapted dishes to two versions to accommodate the vegetarians among us.

At the last minute, on the morning of my party, I felt we needed to eliminate shellfish from all dishes because my daughter had a recent, serious allergic reaction to shellfish. Phensri’s cheerful response was ‘no problem’ – and she made quick adjustments at the last minute – re-making shrimp spring rolls she had already prepared. She was wonderful to work with, every step of the way – and was happy to accommodate all food sensitivities!

She and Darien arrived just 1.5 hours before the party was to begin. The set up was seamless – Phensri and Darien were well prepared. As always, Phensri included anyone who wanted to participate in her cooking process, teaching along the way. For others, just watching her “in action” was fun and entertaining.

Darien took lots of pictures of the occasion, including family photos, which was a welcome treat after the party was over!

The food got rave reviews from everyone and could not have been more delicious.

The party was a hit, and Phensri is a Master!

And, it is so nice to host a party – without having to do a thing.

I most highly recommend Phensri and Darien the next time you want a fun and memorable event!

Karen Fischer
Solebury, PA

Note: All catering is done out of a commercial kitchen in Jamesburg

The Holidays  - Add Thai delights to your table
 10% off prices below

Suggestions: Here are some delightful treats -  Chef Phensri will deliver or you pick up!

Superbowl Special
portions 1/2 / full tray
PAd Thai noodles Pad Thai Noodles with choice of veggies or meat: 6 / 12  $40 / $80
Chicken Satay Charcoal Grilled  - Chicken Satay w peanut sauce @ cucumber salad 45 / 90 $50 / $100
Thai BBQ pork Charcoal Grilled - Pork Satay w peanut sauce w cucumber salad 45 / 90  $50 / $100
curry puff Beef or Chicken Curry Puffs: 45 / 90 $50 / $100
thai fried rice Thai Fried Rice (Veggie / Meat (Chicken, Shrimp etc.) 6 / 12 $40 / $80
thai red curry Curry (Any with White Jasmine Rice) 6 / 12 $50 / $95
Thai shrimp in blanket Thai Shrimp in blanket 50 /100 $60 / $110
Thai Spring rolls Thai Spring Rolls (Veggie or Chicken) 45 /90 $50 / $95

.. Or pick from our Catalog of Dishes. Call Phensri for more ideas and quotes


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