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****Consider adding Authentic Thai Dishes to Your Menu***

As you are aware the Thai cuisine is considered one of the most popular in America and the world.

Though your primary cuisine is not Thai, you may want to consider adding Thai dishes to your menu…as a special or to provide a fusion feature.

If  you are interested in taking that route that other popular restaurants have already taken we can help you get there. 

One most important aspect of this package is, you will not have to hire a Thai chef.

Here are the steps
(1) We will provide basic training in the prep and cooking of the dishes restaurant training
(2)We will provide you with popular recipes so you can cook the dishes your self menus
(3) To keep things simple and consistent we will provide you with the key bulk all-in-one sauces. These sauces are made up of the key ingredients which will simplify the cooking.
Bulk Magic Sauce Bulk Pad Thai Sauce
Some interesting facts:

In the restaurant Thai dishes take an average of 10 minutes cooking time.  This means there is no overcooking of the food and the nutritional value is retained.


Most important for the restaurant is ..Customers will get fresh food cooked after order and there will be no wastage and leftovers at the end of the day, making Thai dishes very cost effective.

Chef Phensri is a native of Thailand and owns a Thai restaurant in New Jersey.  She started cooking classes in 2007 and has had many students from all over including New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut and Maine, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.  Her cooking class was reviewed by New York Times in March 2008. Her all-in-one sauces are sold in stores in New Jersey. She has acted as a Thai cuisine consultant in the setup of Thai restaurants.

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